Thinking Slimmer

I can’t get too much further into my story of how I have come to be training for a marathon without talking about ThinkingSlimmer

I came across this revolutionary approach to weight loss back in May and and able to say with no hesitation that it has changed my relationship with food forever.

I have ‘struggled’ with my weight for as long as I can remember and have tried many different diets to try and lose weight. Weightwatchers, Slimming World, calorie counting – been there, done it. I’ve been through cycles of starting something new, doing really well for a few weeks then dropping off ‘the wagon’, getting disheartened and putting the weight back on again. I think it’s a something that a lot of serial dieters can probably relate to.

Thinking Slimmer is totally different. It’s not a diet at all. There’s no counting of calories, sins or points, no good or bad foods and no humiliating public weigh ins.

At the heart of the Thinking Slimmer approach is the Slimpod, a downloadable mp3 track that you listen to for 10 mins a day, ideally before you go to bed, for 21 days and then for as long as you need to after that. During those 10 mins Trevor Silvester, the founder of the Cognitive Hypnotherapy technique talks to your unconscious and magically changes the way that you think about food.

Within days of using the Slimpod I found that I was thinking about food a lot less and only really when I was hungry. I also found that I was able to stop eating when I was full and leave food on my plate, something I had never done before. Day by day I noticed more and more changes to my relationship with food and soon enough the scales started to show the impact of these changes.

Since June I have lost over a stone in weight, a dress size, 4 inches off my tummy and most importantly I have lost my obsession with food. I still eat whatever I want and really enjoy my food but I am now in control.

One of the other great things about Thinking Slimmer is the support that’s available. Sandra Roycroft Davis, the founder of the company makes herself available to answer any questions that you have on Facebook and Twitter, or via the Thinking Slimmer website. She’s incredibly supportive and an all round lovely lady who clearly cares about the people who are using her product.

I’ve also met fellow ‘Thinking Slimmers’ and they have some fantastic stories to tell. From the inspirational Dawn aka The Moiderer who has shrunk from a size 22 to a size 14 to the amazing Darin McCloud who has lost a staggering 5 stone in six months

I have a lot to thank Sandra and the rest of the Thinking Slimmer community for. Not least that if it hadn’t been for them that I would never have thought about taking part in the Great South Run. But that’s another story for another post on another day!

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  1. Hi Becca A great blog it was an honour to meet you and run with you at the Great South Run I look forward to reading your blog about The Great Day and also again in Brighton for the half marathon in Febuary.

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