Boutique Running Club Week 3 – Keeping up with the hares!

I’m just back from my third run with the Boutique Running Club run by the lovely people at Boutique Sport and I had a really good time. The group of girls that run are so friendly and I’m really enjoying getting to know some new runners.

We took a slightly different route tonight as the Christmas Markets are in full swing by the London Eye and it would have been far to busy to try and negotiate our way through. The new route took us further south over Waterloo Bridge before we turned back on ourselves and made our way down towards the river.

London looked very pretty tonight with the Christmas lights all twinkling in the night sky. The London Eye was lit up in red and white which looked particularly festive.

The pace this week was pretty steady and I felt confident all the way around. I realised that as long as I kept myself towards the middle of the group then mentally I didn’t worry about falling behind so I made a conscious effort to not be the last person in the group.

I was really pleased that when we got to the hill up the side of The Savoy that I ran pretty much all the way up – much better than the two previous weeks.

My Garmin showed that we covered 2.77 miles in 30.45 mins. Slightly further than last week in a slightly quicker time. Progress! This week I definitely kept up with the hares!

One thought

  1. Nice one Becca just love the thought that goes into the run and how you will complete it in the most comfortable way for you. Feel a little jealous you made London sound great to running around tonight.

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