Back in the swing of things

Thankfully I woke up yesterday morning feeling much better so I went off to my regular Glow Yoga class and got through it without feeling at all dizzy. Much better than the week before. It’s such a lovely way to start the day and it was great to be in a warm studio when it was so cold outside.

After a day a work I headed back to the Good Vibes studios for the last Boutique Running Club before Christmas. It had been raining during the afternoon and it was very cold but I was absolutely determined to go, having missed the week before. When I arrived I was the only one there and for a while it looked like it was just going to be me and the group leader. Eventually one of the other girls turned up as well and we set off on our usual route.

We had agreed to take it easy as I’d only just got over a cold but we covered the 2.7 miles in just over 31 mins which wasn’t that much slower than the fastest time we’ve ever done! I’ve really enjoyed the running club and I hope that it starts up again in the New Year. It’s been great to run with other people and be stretched by their pace.

I decided that I’d get up this morning and do another couple of miles. Partly as I didn’t need to be into work that early and partly as I felt I owed myself a couple of miles from the weekend! So I got up at 6.30am and headed out into the dark and cold, dressed in my new London Marathon training kit!

I ran a couple of miles around Limehouse and up into Canary Wharf. It felt quite difficult as it was very cold and my legs felt tired after about a mile. In retrospect I probably should have given myself a bit longer between runs. In the space of 24hrs I’d done a yoga class and run just over 5 miles. Definitely back in the swing of things.

I got home just as the sun was coming up over Canary Wharf. I love this view and feel very lucky that I have it just outside our front door.

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