I’m a runner up!!

One of my previous posts was about Thinking Slimmer the company behind the revoluntionary Slimpod. This is a completely different approach to weight loss – there’s no dieting, no pills, no shakes or weird and wonderful potions involved. It’s based on a technique called Cognitive Hypnotherapy and all that’s involved is listening to an mp3 download for 10 minutes a day.

It’s changed my relationship with food forever and if you’re interested in giving it a go there’s currently a free Christmas Slimpod of offer. All you need to do is ‘like’ the Thinking Slimmer Weightloss page on Facebook and you’ll get a discount code to use on the Thinking Slimmer website

Back in November, Sandra the founder of Thinking Slimmer announced the Thinking Slimmer Loving Life Awards. Sandra asked people to enter and tell her how the Slimpod had changed their life. Thinking Slimmer success is about a lot more than weight loss – I’ve heard stories of people overcoming health problems and achieving things that they never thought possible, much like me and my running. There would be 2 winners, one man and one woman and three runners up. The judging panel would award the prizes based on who’s story they found the most inspirational.

When I saw the mail from Sandra I umm-ed and ahh-ed over whether or not to enter. My weight loss hasn’t been spectacular compared to other people that are also using the Slimpod. I’ve had a slow and steady weight loss which has been a bit frustrating at times and on its own certainly wouldn’t win any awards. But I re-read Sandra’s mail and thought about my running. If you had told me this time last year that I’d be training for a marathon I probably wouldn’t have believed you. So I decided to submit an entry, thinking that I had nothing to lose by doing so.

Today I had an e-mail from Sandra to let me know that I’d been awarded one of the 3 runner up prizes – I am really delighted and proud to have been chosen. It’s quite something for me to think that other people find my story inspirational.

I was also really pleased to find out that Darin McCloud, who I ran the Great South Run with was chosen as the winner of the men’s award. Fantastic news for him and thoroughly deserved – he’s completely changed his life this year, lost over 5 stone in 10 months and if you’re interested you can read his story here – it really is inspirational

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