Week One – Done!

So here I am having completed the first week of my London Marathon training!

My week started with a trip to the osteopath. I’ve been seeing him about once every ten days for the last month or so. I first went as I had pain in my hip when running which has now resolved itself thanks to some incredibly painful massage from him and some self inflicted, and not much less painful stretching by me. This time however I told him about a pain I’d just started getting on the lower inside of my lower leg.

After a bit of prodding and poking he diagnosed a calf/soleus strain and recommended that I get some orthotics. We’ve spoken before about the fact that my legs turn inwards when I run and when this is added to my apparently low arches on my feet it’s a recipie for shin splints or other unwanted injury somewhere along the way. So, ortotics are on order and I’ll get them next week.

It also made me think about my trainers and how long I’ve had them for. Most running experts recommend that you change your trainers every 300-500 miles depending on how heavy you are on them. I hadn’t really thought about how many miles my trainers had done but when I got home on Monday afternoon I looked back through my running logs and realised that the trainers I’m currently wearing had accumulated around 350miles! How on earth did that happen?

So, once I’ve got my orthotics, I’ll be off to Runner’s Need to have a new pair fitted. I had some money for my birthday from my parents and I will use this and my prize from the Thinking Slimmer Loving Life competition to buy my new pair.

So my training this week has consisted of 3 consecutive days of 3 mile runs followed by a long run today of 6 miles. To be honest I found the 3 mile runs harder than I thought I would but really enjoyed my 6 mile run today. I’ve realised that I don’t really get into my running ‘groove’ until around 3.5 miles. At that point I seemed to be nicely warmed up, my breathing has steadied and my legs seem to have found a good rhythm. Up until that point I find it quite hard work. When combined with early dark mornings as I have done this week I find the 3 mile runs quite hard work!

I also went to a Powerplates session on Friday morning before work. I was the only one at the class and it was with my favourite trainer – one I’ve known for a few years. I was lucky to get a free one to one session with him as no-one else showed up for class! He ran the marathon last year and has a place for this year as well so has a great understanding of running and he adapted the class to make sure I got the most out of it.

So that’s it, I’ve finished week one of my training. It feels great to be able to write that and I’m looking forward to next week and upping the mileage every so slightly.

Happy Christmas everyone!

Mileage this week = 15 miles

Total mileage so far = 15 miles

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  1. Hi BeccaSounds like a great first week.How did you get your marathon countdown on your blog. I have a blogger account I'm using for my Edinburgh Marathon Training and would like a countdown too, Thanks Lynda x

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