Marathon training – Week Two – Complete

So here I am at the end of week two of my marathon training plan. This week has felt easier than last week, perhaps because I’ve been off work and I’ve not had to drag myself out of bed to run in the dark. Or maybe my body is back in the groove of running four times a week. Whatever it is, it’s felt easier which can only be a good thing.

This week has been four runs and a Glow Yoga class. I tried interval running again for one of those runs and actually enjoyed it, I’ll make it part of my weekly plan from now on. I’ve also now got my orthotics which I wore on my long run yesterday. They seem to have helped in that I don’t have the pain in my legs that I did last week so fingers crossed they are sorting that problem out.

My long run this week was 7 miles. I ran it slow and steady, for some reason I didn’t really get into my running groove at all, some days are just like that. The weather in London has been so mild that I was actually warm in my long sleeved top and could have got away with short sleeves – on December 31st!

On Friday I bought some new trainers. My current trainers have done around 350 miles and the cushioning is starting to wear down. My plan is to alternate the two pairs until I have to retire my current ones and then to use the new ones to run the marathon itself. The new ones are Brooks Ghost 4 and they are really comfortable to run in. I’m also secretly quite pleased because they match some of my running gear perfectly!

Next week is a step-back week in my plan. Every 3 weeks the total weekly mileage decreases to give your body a bit of a rest and prepare it for what is to come next. At this early stage of the plan I don’t feel that I really need it, but I’m sure at later stages I will welcome these weeks.

Mileage this week = 16 miles

Total mileage so far = 31 miles

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