The magic of sports massage

This morning I went for a leg massage to get things limbered up for Sunday and the Brighton Half Marathon. Over the last few months I have become a regular client at Blue Eye Osteopathy and have become a complete convert to the wonders of osteopathy and sports massage.

I first went to see Glenn at Blue Eye before I started training for the marathon – I was suffering from pain in my hips that came on after a couple of miles and stayed with me all the way through my run and often for several days afterwards. I had never had any osteopathy done before and had experienced a brief sports massage but nothing specific to any particular issue I’d had.

Within a short space of time Glenn had worked out what was causing the pain, an imbalance in my glutes and had me lying face down on the treatment table while he administered some incredibly painful deep tissue massage. Incredibly painful but amazingly effective. After just two sessions with Glenn combined with new stretches that he advised me to do the pain had all but disappeared. And it’s never come back.

As my training for London started and the frequency and intensity of my training has increased, other niggles have presented themselves. I started to get pain up the inside of my calf and was suffering from a stiff back after many of my runs. Glenn quickly identified that this was probably being caused by biomechanical issues with me feet – I have low arches and a tendency to roll onto the inside of my foot, or overpronate, when I walk or run. This puts additional strain on my calves which in turn causes pain elsewhere. The cure for this was orthotics which I now wear daily and have worked like magic. Calf pain gone, back pain gone.

Even when I’ve had no particular pain, I’ve gone to see Glenn for regular leg massages – my philosophy being that prevention is better than cure. I am consistently amazed at this ability to feel a part of my muscle and ask me “is that painful there?” just before I say “ouch” – how he knows that it’s tight or sore before I do is beyond me but he’s right every time. And then he knows how to sort it out there and then. He’s a bit of a magician in my eyes.

Equally miraculous is the osteopathy – Glenn can identify in seconds areas of my spine that are ‘blocked’ and quickly release them through a series of slightly strange moves that generally result in a big crack followed by a feeling of release in my back. He’s also done this on my feet – a very strange sensation at the time but it always leaves things feeling more flexible.

I’m really glad that I found Glenn and Blue Eye – I now see my sessions with him as an integral part of my training – part of my plan to get to the start line injury free. I think it’s really important for this kind of thing that you find someone that you trust and feel comfortable with – afterall you have to spend a fair bit of time in your underwear with them! You want to know that they know what they’re doing and aren’t going to do anything to you that could be detrimental.

Within about 20 minutes of my first session with Glenn I knew that I was in safe hands. I’d would really highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for an osteopath or masseur. He has reminded me on several occasions that he also does ‘nice relaxing’ massage as well as the deep horrible stuff he does to me!

Glenn has kindly offered to support my fundraising efforts by donating 15% of any treatment fees from anyone that books an appointment with him and mentions my training and this blog. The details from Glenn are as follows:

Blue Eye Osteopathy works from two locations near Canary Wharf. The main location is Docklands Medical Centre (2 minute walk from Mudchute DLR) and there is an alternative at West Ferry Studios (1 minute walk from West Ferry DLR).

In addition to osteopathy and massage (sports / deep tissue or relaxing style), orthotics (shoe inserts) are also available.

Further information or bookings: and 07816 108812.

15% of treatment fee will de deducted and transferred to Becca’s fundraising page. (Excludes those claiming on private insurance plans.)

So if you’ve got any niggles that need sorting or just want a relaxing massage – book a session with Glenn and help a good cause at the same time! Just rememer to mention that Becca sent you!

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