Thinking Slimmer – no failure, just feedback

I’ve been using Thinking Slimmer for over a year now and it’s helped me to drop two dress sizes and discover a passion for running. One of the basics of Thinking Slimmer is goal setting and yesterday was the date that I’d set myself to achieve one of my goals. It was the date of my long awaited celebrations with my friend and fellow London Marathon finisher Lisa. I’d set myself a goal of being able to fit into my size 12 pink Coast dress.

I bought the dress a few months ago and at the time the zip didn’t do all the way up. I’m happy to report that I can now do the dress up but it’s still quite tight, especially around the tummy area. As we were going out for a meal I knew I’d be self conscious and uncomfortable in the dress so I decided that I wasn’t going to wear it. Instead I opted for another new size 12 dress from Pepperberry.

Now given that just over a year ago I looked like this….

…I know that I’ve come a long way and I was really pleased to be going out in a size 12 dress feeling comfortable and confident.

However, it’s the first time that I’ve not met one of my Thinking Slimmer goals. I’ve also set another goal to get into some skinny grey jeans by the time we go on holiday next week and having tried them on today I know that’s not realistic anymore.

So what to do? Throw my hands in the air and say this isn’t working for me anymore – maybe I do need to diet after all?

I don’t think so.

There’s no failure with Thinking Slimmer, just feedback. And having thought this through it’s true to say that since training for the marathon I haven’t really been following the Three Golden Rules of the Slimpod at all.

Rule 1 – Listen to your Slimpod – I’ve been doing this but not every day, and I know it’s most effective for me when I do

Rule 2 – Record your ‘positives’ or the things that you notice changing about your relationship with food. I stopped doing this months ago thinking that I was far enough on my journey that I didn’t need to do it any more. Maybe I need to start doing that again?

Rule 3 – Set SMART goals – that’s specific, measureable, achievable, relevant and timebound. I have lots of goals and do my best to make sure that they meet the SMART rules. Maybe these ones weren’t actually achievable in the time that I gave myself? Maybe they weren’t specific enough – after all my goal was to fit into the pink dress – I actually met that goal but what I really wanted to be able to do was wear it out for dinner!

So there’s my feedback, right there. It’s time for some ‘back to basics’ slimpodding for me I think. Listen everyday, record my successes and make sure my goals are SMART.

So on that note – I think I need to lose about a couple more inches off my tummy to be comfortable in the pink dress and be able to wear the jeans. It’s our 3rd wedding anniversary in September so my new goal is to be able to wear the pink dress out for dinner then. That sounds pretty SMART to me!

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