Running in New York

So I managed to get out for a short run yesterday. My ankle was feeling OK and as I hadn’t run for over a week I was itching to get my trainers on and get out and run the streets of Greenwich Village.

I got up early to go out as it’s been hot and humid here so I wanted to avoid the heat. Starting from our apartment on Bleecker Street

I made my way down the street and then across 6th avenue

and towards Washington Square Park. I did a couple of laps of the park, weaving around other runners and people walking their tiny dogs. It was a lovely morning and I felt very happy to be running again. It was brilliant to be out running around New York and seeing some iconic sights as I did so – my favourite being the view of the Empire State building through the arch in the park.

But my happiness at being back to running was short lived. I have no idea how I managed it but I went over on my ankle again. It hurt more than the first time I did it so I made my way straight back to our apartment to get some ice on it. I was so cross and actually almost had a little cry to myself but then realised that that wasn’t going to achieve anything.

So since then I’ve been icing it and wearing my support when we’ve been out and about. We’ve been walking a lot while we’re here – it’s a difficult city to rest an ankle in! It’s been so hot and sunny today that I actually have tan lines from where my ankle support is – not a great look!

I’ve booked to see my physio first thing on Monday morning once we’re back and I’m now just hoping that it gets better in time for me to run the British 10K on 8th July. I was hoping to be chasing a PB but depending on how it is I may have to adjust my sights and be happy to get around.

To cheer myself up I have indulged in some retail therapy – I couldn’t resist this T-shirt when I saw it in the Adidas shop in Soho today.

One thought

  1. It’s great that you can now say you’ve run in NYC and had a run around the park. Real shame about the ankle but you know, even if it’s not fit for the 10k on the 8th there will be other races and other chances – as long as you don’t push it too hard now *looks stern*

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