Injury update

I went to see my physio this morning who checked out my ankle and did some pretty painful soft tissue work. He has advised me not to run again yet and also to avoid yoga as quite a few of the poses could cause additional strain on the affected area. We are focussing on getting my ankle recovered enough to run the British 10K in two weeks time. It might be that I go into that race having not run for about 4 weeks before. I’m hoping that if that’s the case then my previous training will at least get me around in a half way decent (for me) time.

I am going back to see him again on Wednesday for some more soft tissue work. In the meantime he has made me an ‘extra ligament’ to support mine while they heal.

I’m hoping that if I do as I’m told and rest up that I might be given the OK to do a gentle run at the weekend. Fingers crossed!

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