Injury update – some good news!

I had another appointment with Glenn at Blue Eye Osteopathy and Massage this morning for a check up on my ankle. I am sooo pleased to report that things seem to be improving. There were still some areas that needed some soft tissue work and I also had my first experience of acupuncture, which actually didn’t hurt at all and should hopefully speed up the healing process.

Glenn replaced my makeshift ligament and (drumroll……) said that it was OK for me to do a short run on Sunday. I am so pleased – I am seriously missing the running now and am starting to feel like a lazy blob so I will be very very glad to get back to it. Gently at first obviously, but hopefully if Sunday goes well then I’ll fit in another run next week before the British 10K on Sunday 8th July.

I’m going back to see Glenn next week so that he can strap my ankle up again for the race. I think this will provide not only the support I need physically but also mentally so I’m not worried about hurting my ankle again.

I need to be realistic about my goal for the race and my aim now is just to enjoy the race and the chance to run through the streets of London again.

And then, once I’m totally recovered I need to work out some ways to increase my ankle strength. There’s clearly a weakness there that I need to address. All ideas gratefully received!

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