30 day shred – Days 3 & 4

Yesterday morning I did Day 3 of the shred after breakfast which was a new time of day for me. I was slightly concerned that I’d not left it long enough after eating and that I might get cramp or feel sick but it was actually fine. Now that I pretty much know the routine I’m able to really concentrate on my form and get the most out of each move. My abs feel like the part of my body that’s feeling it most so far but I imagine that once my new weights arrive that’s going to change.

This morning I woke up with a huge hangover after a lovely afternoon of cocktail drinking with Mr J. After feeling sorry for myself all morning I took myself out for a very short run and then did Day 4 of the shred straight after getting back. I was very very tempted to give it a miss as I was feeling tired and not in the mood for Jillian at all but since I was in my kit and already warmed up I decided not to wimp out.

My lesson learned? If you think that it’s a hard workout normally, just try it with a hangover! I hope never to repeat the experience.


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