30 Day Shred Days 8 & 9 – now barefoot!

I had a really bad night’s sleep on Wednesday night – not really sure why but when my alarm went off at 6am for me to get up to do the shred I just knew that my body needed the extra 30mins in bed so I turned over and went back to sleep. I thought I’d do the session in the evening instead but I was exhausted after a really long and quite stressful day at work so I decided on balance that I should have a rest day. Sometimes you’ve got to listen to your body.

But I was up at 6am yesterday to do Day 8 and managed some more press ups on my toes. The 1kg weights are making the strength exercises a bit more challenging but I think I’ll soon be ready to move on to the 1.5kg.

I’m over halfway through reading Born To Run by Christopher McDougall – a great book about ultra and barefoot running which I am really enjoying. Although I haven’t finished it yet a lot of what it’s said so far about running shoes and injuries makes a lot of sense to me. I’ll do a separate post about that once I’ve finished the book. But, I decided this morning that I’d do Day 9 of the shred barefoot.

Jillian and ‘her girls’ wear trainers so I automatically wore trainers too for the first 8 days. But inspired by the book I realised that there’s no reason for me to be wearing trainers while I do the sessions – I’m working out on our lounge floor which is carpeted. Barefoot should be fine.

Well, actually it was more than fine – I felt lighter, especially during the cardio movements – jumping jacks, jump rope, butt kicks – and I also felt more in control of where my foot was landing and strangely less worried about doing anything bad to my ankle. So it will be barefoot shred for me from now on.

I’m also very happy to report that I did the whole minute of push ups on my toes for the first time – massive progress in just over a week when I did them all on my knees.

I’ve got one more day of Level 1 to go before I move on to Level 2 and I think I’ll be ready. I am now keeping up with Natalie – the ‘hardcore helper’ which I decided I’d use as my indicator of progress. I haven’t yet watched what Level 2 is like though so I may change my mind once I have!!

7 thoughts

  1. well done & good for you on the rest.. Ash (my hubby) is just changing to barefoot and he recommends a book by Barefoot Ken Bob which talks all about it. You’ll find it on Amazon. He just got some vivo barefoot trainers too which he’s really enjoying.
    If you have any questions, feel free to email him/us lucyandash@virginmedia.com

    Good luck with the rest of the programme!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation – I’m just browsing Amazon now. I need to workout which trainers to get – a trip to a running shop is on the cards soon. The Vivo barefoot range looks good and not quite as odd as the Vibram Five Fingers!

  3. That`s awesome, congrats! I usually do all my home-workouts barefoot. It just started with me being to lazy to put on my socks and shoes and then I felt like I had so much more flexibility.
    I love reading up on your progress!

      1. Not yet, but I really want to get some. Just the problem is that I need to try them on and most sales assistants here speak little to no english and I have a really hard time explaining myself. I`m actually thinking about going to the minimalist of minimalist shoes with a pair of Vibrams.
        Do you run in minimalist shoes?

      2. I’ve just bought a pair of Saucony Kinvara 3’s today. I’m excited about trying them out. I’ll post about how I get on. Difficult to try on shoes if you have to communicate in a different language I’m sure!

      3. Ohhh, that`s great!! Good luck with them! I`m looking forward to what you think about them!

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