30 Day Shred – Day 10 and Level 1 done!

I had another rest day from thed shred yesterday as I ran the British 10K having done little training. I’ll write a race review post about that later. Safe to say that running 6.2 miles was more than enough for my body yesterday!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty achey – especially in my quads and was wondering how painful Day 10 was going to be.

It turned out to be ok. My knees didn’t really appreciate the jumping jacks or jump rope and my quads complained a bit about the squats but I managed another full minute of press ups on my toes.

So that’s Day 10 and Level 1 done! I wonder what Level 2 is going to be like?!

2 thoughts

    1. Yes I have to be careful with my knees – they are an area of weakness for me. I think the fact that I did the race having not run ‘properly’ for a few weeks didn’t help. I’ll break them back in gently now – I don’t want a knee injury just as my ankle has healed!

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