30 Day Shred Days 13 & 14

More early starts for me yesterday and today for Days 13 and 14 of the shred. I am now at the stage where I know the Level 2 routine well and don’t have to look at the screen to know what to do. It’s a tough workout for sure and I’m still not quite there with the squat thrusts and the double jump rope. I’m pretty much onto the advanced levels for the strength and abs moves though which I’m pleased with.

I have definitely noticed a difference in my body after just two weeks of doing this. My arms feel more toned, my legs feel more muscley and my stomach area feels smaller. I measured again this morning to see if anything had changed and sure enough I have lost half an inch off my waist and an inch off my stomach since I started doing this. Pretty impressive for 14 days of just 20 mins  a day.

I am considering increasing my hand weights tomorrow to the 1.5kg. I think I can handle it apart from the last set of strength which involves two sets of killer shoulder moves. I’ll give it a go and see how I get on!

2 thoughts

  1. You are doing great. It sounds like you are pushing yourself but in a measured way. This is good because when we push too hard we run the risk of getting injured. And that just sucks.
    I started doing some planks over the past few months. I do them on my non-running days so it’s nothing heavy duty, but I have noticed some changes. Over vacation I did a 12 hour day of heavy duty yard work. At the end of the day I was tired but I never felt sore. I was shocked, as I’m not a kid anymore (47).
    There are so many benefits to getting into shape and maintaining it. Athletic performance is only part of it.
    It’s exciting to see that you can change your body for the better, just like you can change your mind. Seeing these changes in my own body is a part of what keeps me motivated. So keep measuring yourself and keep training.
    Have a great weekend, Andy.

    1. Thank you. Yes I do feel like I’m pushing myself but in a sensible way. Each day I can feel that I’m able to do a little bit more than the day before. Seeing the inches disappear is very motivating. I find measuring myself much more motivating than weighing as the scales are affected by so many other things where as the tape measure tends to be more reliable.

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