30 Day Shred – Day 15 – halfway through

I had a rest day from ‘the shred’ yesterday – after getting up every morning during the week to do the workout my body was requesting a lie in, so I obliged. I made up for it today by doing Day 15 after a 2 mile run and increasing my hand weights to 1.5kg.

It was a tough workout but I’m pleased with how I did – I managed my first full minute of squat thrusts. I’m sure my feet only move about an inch, but the fact is I did it. The hand weights were noticeably heavier, particularly on the final circuit where there’s a lot of shoulder work, but again I managed it.

So I’m halfway through Level 2 and halfway through my shred. Although it’s involved setting my alarm for 6.15am most mornings I’m enjoying it and the fact that I can feel a see a difference in my body in just two weeks is very motivating. Bring on the second 15 days!

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