30 Day Shred – Day 19

Yesterday I had the day off work so had a bit of a lie in which I really needed after a week of early starts.

I did the shred before breakfast and am pleased to report that I am back to being able to do a full minute of squat thrusts. It felt good after really struggling with them earlier in the week.

We are away for the weekend visiting family. I have also done something to my left wrist which isn’t being helped by a the press ups and planks I’m doing each time I do a shred workout. So I’ve decided to take a rest from the shred while we’re away in the hope that it will help my wrist heal.

I’ll be running while we’re away and will also be carrying on with some core work. I’ve actually bought my hand weights with me too so I might sneak in a quick strength session at some point too.

All being well I’ll be back to Day 20 on Monday.

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