30 Day Shred – Days 20 and 21 – I’m on Level 3!

Yesterday I completed my last day of Level 2 which meant this morning was my first morning of Level 3. I have to admit to being a bit scared. I’d watched it through and thought it looked tough – it turned out to be even tougher!

There’s new strength moves, a lot of ‘jump’ training – jumping squats and lunges which I really struggled with. Some of the cardio moves are the same as level 1 but I now get to do them with hand weights added on. It’s not at all easy.

But I got through it  – with sweat pouring down my face by the end  – and am looking forward to progressing with this level. I am back to beginner level for quite a few of the moves and hopefully I’ll progress quickly as I have with levels 1 and 2.

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