30 Day Shred – Day 22

OK, Level 3 is tough, really tough.

An early start this morning and I was pleased to be able to do more of the session than yesterday. At one point during the workout Jillian says “this is no joke” and it’s really not.

There are a couple of bits that I simply cannot do at the moment – jumping lunges make me seriously worry about my knees – so I’m sticking to the beginner option for those for now. There’s a strength move in the final circuit which involves being in a plank while holding weights. I’m simply not strong enough to do this yet so again, it’s beginner level for me on that one for now too.

There’s a lot of plank/push up based moves in level 3 which is putting quite a lot of strain on my wrist so I’m going to take a day’s break tomorrow to avoid causing another injury but then will be straight back to Day 23 on Saturday.

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