30 Day Shred – Day 23 – another breakthrough

I’ve had two days off the shred. My wrist had started to hurt again so I decided to take a break on Friday to allow it to recover. Then yesterday I woke up with a pain in my right shoulder/neck area. I was struggling to turn my head without it hurting so I decided to take another day off – I think that I might have been over-enthusiastic with the weights I used for doing jumping jacks and that might have caused it.

Thankfully when I woke up this morning the pain had gone and my wrist felt better so after a gentle 2 mile run I did Day 23 of my shred. I’m still finding it very tough but I was delighted to at last be able to do one of the moves that I’ve so far found impossible. I think it’s called a plank and press with a leg lift.

You start in a plank position balancing on hand weights then lift one of you arms up and put it down and then follow that by raising your leg behind. Then swap to the opposite side. Up until today I’ve had to do this on my knees but today I managed to do 5 of these properly before having to drop to my knees to finish the set.

I was really pleased with this – I think it’s one of the most difficult moves in the whole thing. It’s amazing how quickly I can see progress and it’s really motivating. I’m hoping to do one whole set of them tomorrow!

One thought

  1. Wow, last time I had time to read up on my bloglist you were still at a day starting with 1! You are doing such a great job, I`m really impressed. Also, I`m so intrigued by this 30 Day Shred and am debating giving it a try! Keep it up!

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