30 Day Shred – Day 24

So I had to take another could of days off from the shred. On Monday I did my first yoga class in a long time. I’ve really missed it and it was great to be back. I had planned to do my shred session on Monday evening but my wrists were feeling the after effects of the yoga and I decided against it.

On Tuesday I did a 4 mile run in the morning, again planning to shred in the evening but my wrist wasn’t feeling any better so again, I decided against it.

Yesterday morning I got up and decided to get on with Day 24. It wasn’t a great session to be honest but I made it through most of the exercises at beginner level. My progress with level 3 has been patchy – I’ve had a lot of days off, for good reason, but I feel that I’ve not completed this part of the shred as well as I have levels 1 and 2 and I’ve therefore not seen as much progress as I did with the other levels when I was doing them daily.

As long as my wrist allows I’ll get back into this now and complete days 25-30 with no more gaps!

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