30 Day Shred – Days 28 & 29

Monday morning started with an early shred session. I’ve noticed that I find it harder when I jump out of bed and go the shred straight away. It takes until circuit 2 for my body to actually wake up!

Yesterday I went to a yoga class so didn’t do the shred as I’m still wary of putting too much strain on my wrist – there are a lot of plank based moves in level 3.

This morning I set my alarm for another early session and have just completed Day 29. I managed my first straight legged side planks which I’d really struggled with until now. As I was doing jumping jacks with my hand weights I also reflected on how far I’ve come. In the first few days of Level 1 jumping jacks felt like the hardest thing in the world. Just a matter of weeks later I’m performing them with hand weights!

So tomorrow is the last day of ‘The Shred’. Then on Friday I’ll take my measurements and see what I’ve achieved.

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