Putting things in perspective

If you’re on a weight loss journey like me, or maybe working towards another goal then I would hazard a guess that at some times you might have felt frustrated at a perceived lack of progress.

To be honest I’ve been feeling like this for the last few weeks. Although I’d had great results from my 30 Day Shred, I got on the scales the other day and they had moved in the wrong direction. I really do hate the scales and in retrospect I shouldn’t have got on them – all it did was make me feel bad.

So I was really glad to come across this photo over the weekend when I was flicking through some old files on my computer. It’s me around 6 years ago having just finished a Race for Life. I walked the whole thing with my Mum and niece and it look us just over an hour to complete the 5K distance.

I used to hate this photo and couldn’t stand looking at it but when I saw it on Saturday it just made me smile. I don’t really recognise that person in that photo as being me – I’ve come such a long way since that time. My weight has gone up and down in those last 6 years but the great thing that I know having found Thinking Slimmer is that I am never going back to the size that I was in that photo.

This is the new me.

Perhaps my progress towards my final goal isn’t as quick as I’d like, but look how far I’ve come.

Sometimes it helps to take a step back and put things in perspective. Instead of beating yourself up about what’s not happening take the time to give yourself a pat on the back for how far you’ve come.

And there ends my sermon for this weekend 🙂

4 thoughts

  1. I LOVE this blog post Bec. For me the journey is a long one and it may take me a long time to get where i’m going, but i love remembering what i was like 16 weeks ago when i started and am looking forward to six years time when i can look at a photo of my first Race For Life and see how far i’ve come too!
    Well done hunni, you’ve come so far. And stay off the damn scales! You’ve probably gained muscle! xx

  2. You made awesome progress, that`s the best! I would avoid the scale. You eat or drink and right away the number will be confusing. I never step on one myself because it would drive me crazy.
    That dress looks really good on you, by the way!

  3. This is exaxtly what I do when I think I’m failing badly Becca. I dig out a picture of me at my worst and compare it to now. It reminds me that though I may have a long way to go, I’ve already come a lot further. Great post 😉

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