More new trainers!

I’ve had my Saucony Kinvara’s for a couple of months now. When I bought them I also tried on a pair of Innov8  minimilist trainers which fitted well and felt really comfortable. I chose the Kinvaras in preference as they were the ones that I’d had my eye on and I’d heard lots of good things about them.

I am really enjoying running in the Kinvaras – they are light and comfortable and yet my feet feel very stable in them. I am however suffering from achey Achilles tendons – to be expected during a transition to minimal trainers – but it’s meaning that I’m having to be careful about how often I run and do extra stretching etc.

The Innov8 trainers that I tried on had a slightly higher heel drop of 9mm compared to the Kinvara drop of 4mm. I had started to wonder whether or not it might be worth getting a pair so that I could rotate between them and the Kinvaras and see if that helped my Achilles at all. But at full price that was just a bit too expensive and seemed a bit unnecessary given how new my Kinvaras still are.

So imagine my excitement when Sportspursuit had a 24hr flash sale on Innov8 trainers. I logged on with my fingers crossed hoping that they’d have the model that I’d tried on and sure enough there they were – the exact ones that I’d tried at nearly half the price they were in the shop. It was like it was meant to be!

So today I took delivery of a new pair of trainers. They’re not quite as pretty as the Kinvaras but I still really like them.

I’m looking forward to giving these a spin this week and hoping that they might help my Achilles to feel a little less achey.

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  1. Hey Becca. I’m a reader of your blog and was surprised and excited to see your shoutout to SportPursuit – I’m lucky enough to work here 🙂 Thank you so much for the love and let me know how your purchase works out for you and if you need anything. Keep Posting!

    1. Hi Jessica – how funny that you work at Sportspursuit! I think it’s a great concept and have always been really happy with my purchases from you and the customer service. I once had a package that got lost by Royal Mail and the people in your team sorted everything out with no hassle at all – very impressed.

      I like the trainers a lot – not sure I’ve fully broken them in yet but they’re comfy and provide me with a good alternative. Looking forward to some more amazing value flash sales!

      1. Thank you for your kind comments! I passed the note on to customer service, who don’t always get the love they deserve.. I’m sure it will make their day.

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