Radio Silence

I haven’t posted for a while for a couple of reasons. Firstly I had a cold which lasted for ages and stopped me from training for a week which made me cross! Secondly, last week was my last week at work before I was made redundant and I was busy finishing everything off and saying goodbye to people.

So, this week is the first week of the rest of my life and I have a lot to update you on! I’ll post separately about each of these things over the next few days but since I last posted

*I have run another 10K race, setting a personal best time;

*I have taken part in my first Spincycle class;

*I’ve found a regular yoga for runners and cyclists class in London on a Saturday – yay!

*I am halfway through my 8 week Virtual Training Group and doing really well with my goals;

*and MOST EXCITING of all, I been successful in getting a ballot place for the London Marathon next year. I am going to defer my place to 2014 but more of that in a separate post.

So I have lots to update on and now lots of time on my hands to blog so look out for more posts in the next few days.

I’m back!



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