Thinking Slimmer Weight Loss Study Programme

If you’ve been following this blog for a while you’ll know about the success that I’ve had with Thinking Slimmer. I have changed my relationship with food, gained control over what I eat, discovered a passion for exercise – running in particular, and dropped 2 dress sizes. Not bad for listening to an mp3 recording for 10mins a day?

Sceptical? Here’s some ‘before and after’ photos…

This is me at my heaviest around 6 years ago having walked a Race for Life
June 2012 proudly showing off my London Marathon medal

Thinking Slimmer are about to embark on a Slimpod research project, which is collecting evidence to present at a seminar in Parliament in the Spring. It is also a preliminary study in advance of clinical trials to provide research they’ll be presenting to the NHS. They are looking for people who have over 2 stone to lose to take part in this programme so if you’ve been intrigued by my story then this could be the perfect opportunity to try out a Slimpod for free.

All you have to do is sign up to the trial and commit to keeping Thinking Slimmer up to date with your progress through the 12 week period. There’s even rewards for staying with the programme!

If you’re interested then just follow this link to find out more

You really have nothing to lose but weight!

6 thoughts

      1. LOL. That’s a new one to me. Is that an old English unit of measure? Loosing that much weight seems very ambitious. Good for you.

      2. Yes it’s an English unit of measure that’s still how most people here refer to weight when it comes to people.

        I haven’t lost that much but there are people who have lost up to 70 pounds using the Slimpod. Not in 12 weeks mind you!

    1. Thank you! It really is a great opportunity for people to try it out for free and for the company to gain some evidence about how effective it is. It would be amazing if Slimpods were available on the NHS but until it’s been through a clinical trial that won’t happen. This is the first step.

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