And now for something completely different

On Wednesday Dash invited me along to a Dance Master Class hosted by Total Greek Yoghurt at the Frame Studio in Queen’s Park. Now, I am not a dancer in any way shape or form but it sounded like a fun way to spend a Wednesday morning and since I currently have some time on my hands I thought why not?

Our instructors for the session were the effortlessly cool Jesus Reyes Ortiz from Dancebuzz and Dee Thresher who is a celebrity trainer as well as a rather fabulous dancer.  

During the two hour session we were taught some basic moves to four different dances – jive, tango, rhumba and samba. This kind of dancing does not come naturally to me so there was a lot of concentration going on to make sure I’d got the moves nailed!

I really enjoyed the class – Jesus and Dee were brilliant at providing clear directions – demonstrating at first and then getting us to follow along with them before pairing us up to try out our new moves for real

I found the jive really difficult to keep up with – the steps were so quick I felt like I was just jumping up and down but I loved the turns and flourishes of the rhumba and the twists of the samba. However, I think my favourite dance of the day has to be the tango with all its drama and intensity.

I worked up quite a sweat during the session – I didn’t realise what a good workout you get from dancing and I was definitely tired by the end of it. A good tired though having had fun while working out – always a good combination. You can have a look at what we learned for each dance by watching these videos

Afterwards we were treated to a delicious and healthy lunch where everything on offer had been made with Total Greek Yoghurt. I’d never tried it before and had no idea how versatile it could be. I tried a couple of delicious wraps but didn’t have room to try the samosas, marinated chicken or pasta which also looked really good. I did save enough room for a cheeky fig and orange oatmeal bar. There are apparently 1000 recipes using Total Greek available on their website and I’ll definitely be checking some of these out.

We were given cool bags to take home with pots of Total Greek 0% in a range of flavours. I hadn’t appreciated that it contains 10g of protein per 100g so is ideal for people that run or keep fit in general. So far I’ve had the pomegranate and raspberry yoghurt with museli and fresh raspberries for breakfast and the honey yoghurt as a post run snack. Both were delicious.

A big thanks to Total Greek, Jesus and Dee for a really fun dance session. I’m not sure that I’m going to be entering Strictly next season but it definitely opened my eyes to a different and fun way to workout.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the recipes. I’m in a food rut and need inspiration so perfect timing for me. I used to love dancing as a kid but breaking my arm whilst dancing to Jean Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’ whilst clad in a leotard put paid to any dancing ambitions. Maybe just as well!

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