Laser eye surgery – one week on

It’s now over a week since I had my laser eye surgery at Optical Express. For the last week I have been faithfully following the post surgery routine – 3 sets of eye drops 4 times a day, wearing goggles at night to protect my eyes from unexpected knocks, no vigorous exercise, no water on my face – basically protecting my eyes from the risk of contact or infection.

At my 24hr check up the optometrist noticed that I had a small amount of inflammation in my eyes and increased the dosage of one set of eye drops to every 2 hours. I was very glad when I went for another check up on Monday to find that these drops had done their work and that the inflammation had gone. I also had my sight tested again and was delighted to be told that my vision was better than 20:20 – amazing in such a short space of time.

My vision has continued to improve through the week – over the weekend it felt a bit ‘swimmy’ – almost as if I was looking through water. I am not working at the moment but had I needed to I could easily have gone back to work on Monday. Early in the week my eyes felt a bit gritty but I was advised that this was normal and would calm down with time – thankfully it has. By Wednesday my eyes felt pretty normal again and I started to appreciate just how good my vision really is now. It’s amazing that such a short and painless procedure can have such dramatic and quick results.

The one thing that is still a bit strange is my night vision. I am seeing halos around most lights which were very large to begin with but are now decreasing in size.

This too should improve with time but takes longer than daytime vision to correct itself. I don’t have to drive at night but if I did I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be with it while my eyes are still like this.

The bruising on my right eye has also improved a lot. There’s still patches of red there but it’s a lot lot better than it was this time last week.

I’ve also coped pretty well with not being able to follow my usual exercise routine. I’ve enjoyed getting out and walking more than I would usually – the weather in London has in the main been cool and sunny which has made for some beautiful autumn scenes.

I risked a Pilates class on Thursday lunchtime which was absolutely fine and then yesterday I went to a Yoga for Runners and Cyclists class at Good Vibes – my first yoga class post surgery. It was fantastic to lie with my eyes closed and know that when I opened them I didn’t need to worry about having to adjust my contact lenses. Today I’ve been out for a run which was great – a beautiful day in London – blue skies and sunshine – perfect running weather and I could see perfectly.

I really am very impressed with the results of the laser eye surgery so far. I have another check up booked tomorrow and then more in 1 month and 3 months to check on my progress. Fingers crossed my vision remains as good as it is now!

4 thoughts

  1. I’m 48 and have worn glasses since I was 13 or so. Would love to get rid of them but that proceedure gives me the heeby jeebies! In the back of my mind I keep thinking that I’ll be that .001% of people who have problems from the surgery.

    1. I did too for ages and then I just found more and more people I knew getting it done and having no problems and decided to go for it. Very glad I did. You can get a free consultation to find out if you’re suitable and learn more about the potential side effects – that really put my mind at rest.

  2. Excellent! I did mine 1.5 years ago and have no regrets. Especially when it comes to running and exercise – so much better not to have to wear glasses / contacts! Glad check ups are going well..

    1. It’s good to hear from someone a bit further down the road than I am – glad that you’re still pleased with the results. It really is brilliant not to have to think about putting contacts in before a run or going to a yoga class. I love it!

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