Slimpod Stars 2012

Yesterday was the day out in London for the Slimpod Stars of 2012 and I am very proud to say that I am one of them! I’d been really looking forward to the day ever since I found out that I’d won one of the awards. We were promised a makeover, shopping with a personal shopper and a shoot with a professional photographer – what’s not to like? But I was just as excited about meeting the other winners and hearing all about their successes. My Dad was also invited along for the day to celebrate his achievements in the Diabetes study.

We met for lunch at Maroush restaurant near Debenhams on Oxford Street. I think it’s fair to say that food wasn’t really at the top of our agenda as we all focussed on wanting to look fabulous in our photos, so it was great that Sandra from Thinking Slimmer had selected a delicious and light meze for us to share. Over lunch I chatted to the other winners – Suzy, Barbara, Debbie as well as Sandra and my Dad and it was great to get a know a bit more about them.

Before too long we were making our way to Debenhams and towards the personal shopping area where we were greeted with glasses of champagne.


We were split into pairs – Barbara and Suzy went off to meet their personal shopper and Debbie and I were then taken to meet the hairdresser and make up artist to discuss what kind of style we liked. Sandra reminded us that this was a chance to try something different so I decided to make the most of the opportunity and put myself in the hands of the stylist and let them decide what to do!

We were then taken to meet our personal shopper who asked us questions about size, style, colour and shape to help them pick out clothes for us to try. This was quickly followed by a visit from a bra fitter to make sure that we were wearing the right sizes – a very common problem for women who have lost weight and changed shape. I was pleased to find out that I am wearing the right size and loved the selection of bras that she brought for me to try on.

Debbie and I were presented with a rail of clothes that had been selected for us. My first impressions were that none of it was what I would have selected for myself but having reminded myself that that was the entire point of personal shopping I threw myself into a trying on session. There were some things that didn’t quite work and others which really surprised me. After a lot of umming and ahhing I settled on a patterned dress in a colour which I would never have chosen for myself in a very flattering style. Debbie found an amazing prom style dress which was just perfect for her.

Next it was off to hair and make up. My ‘stubborn’ hair was tonged, rollered and sprayed into submission into a style that I have never tried before and would never manage to recreate but I actually quite liked. The make up artist from Bare Minerals was great fun and this was one of my favourite parts of the day. He gave me smokey eyes using greys and purples which I absolutely loved – I wish I could have watched what he was doing so I had a chance of recreating it myself but as I had my eyes shut for most of it that wasn’t possible!

This is me post hair and make-up. I’m not sure why I’m looking so surprised but you get the idea!


Then it was time to get into my chosen outfit for the photo shoot. Three years ago if you’d told me that I’d feel comfortable having professional photos taken by someone I’d never met before I would have laughed at you. But that’s exactly how I felt – it was a lot of fun. There was time for a final touch up of my make up and a quick pose with the make up artist before getting down to the serious matter of the photo shoot.


I had some photos done on my own and then with my Dad. I can’t wait to see how these have turned out – I’ll post some once I’ve got them.

After all the individual photos were done we got together for the group shots. Again, I’ve not seen the professional ones yet but this gives you an idea of how the group looked – pretty damn amazing I think!


Each one of these women has a fantastic success story behind the fab clothes, hair and make up. Some of us are still ‘work in progress’ but all of us have changed our lives considerably for the better thanks to Sandra and Thinking Slimmer.

It was such an fantastic and inspiring day – I really loved it and I can’t wait to see how the professional photographs turned out. Thank you so much to Sandra and everyone at Thinking Slimmer and Debenhams for a brilliant day that I will remember for a long time.

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  1. Wow Becca ! You look stunning 🙂 So glad you had such a good day. Love the whole makeover really really suits you 🙂 well deserved 🙂 x

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