2012 Race Bling

The Great South Run turned out to be my last race of 2012. I had planned on taking part in the GRIM original challenge in December but made the decision post laser eye surgery that it wasn’t a great idea.

As the end of the year approaches I’ve been thinking back to the races that I’ve completed in 2012 and having a look at the bling I’ve collected. It’s a lovely little collection!

20121219_140545Starting top left and working clockwise:

Brighton Half Marathon – my first and only half marathon completed in 2hr and 36 mins

London Marathon – my first marathon completed in 6hrs and 27 mins

British Heart Foundation Tower of London Jog – 10K completed in 1hr 14 mins

British 10K – completed in 1hr 16mins

Pride 10K – completed in 1hr 14 mins

British Heart Foundation Canary Wharf jog – 5K completed in ~35mins

Great South Run 10 miles completed in 1hr 56 mins

BUPA 10K – completed in 1hr 18mins with a twisted ankle from halfway.

I also have a mug from the Whole Foods Kingston Breakfast Run – 16 miles completed in 3hrs and 15 mins and a certificate from the For Crohns 10K which I completed in 1hr and 12 mins.

My favourite medal from this year has to be my London Marathon medal. Completing it just one year after starting running was a huge achievement.

My best performance however was definitely in the Great South Run. I smashed my 10mile PB and also set a new 10K PB in the process.

I am currently training for my first race of 2013 which sees me return to the Brighton Half Marathon. This year I intend to run the whole way and it will be interesting to run a half marathon as a race and not just as part of a marathon training plan.

I have a few other races planned in 2013 – some more halfs and I definitely need to enter a muddy race at some point to make up for missing GRIM this year.

12 thoughts

  1. That’s some great hardware! You could take a short piece of wood, paint it, hammer in some nails along the bottom, hang it to the wall and you’ve got yourself a race bling holder! You could also leave some space for the race bibs above. My mom just gave me something similar as an early Christmas present and it looks really easy to make!

  2. Congrats on a great year of running. When you look at your medals do you get a rush of race day memories or feelings? I do for some races.
    Most of me medals are in a draw, some are hanging up in the basement and look like a mess. I need to try and get organized next year.

  3. I love seeing all your medals displayed like this – so cool! What an awesome achievement.

    My fave chrissy present I recieved was a medal holder from http://www.running-memories.co.uk – it looks AWESOME on the wall and is so motivating and inspiring to add to what is currently hanging on there.

    I hope we get to race together one day!

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