Julia Buckley’s Fat Loss Fitness Programme – Week 1

I’ve been a bit quiet since we’ve been back from holiday. I’ve been dealing with jet-lag, seemingly endless loads of washing and just generally settling back into daily life. Oh and of course, the snow.

I’ve also been getting my head around my 12 week fat loss fitness programme that I’ve signed up for with Julia Buckley which I started on Monday last week. Over the last 7 days I’ve been getting used to a different way of working out and making adjustments to my diet based on Julia’s nutritional advice.

Whilst I can’t divulge the details of the programme, what I can tell you is it’s quite different and more intense than I’m used to. I work out 6 days out of 7 and do something different everyday so I doubt I’m going to get bored. The workouts have ranged from 20mins through to around 40 mins so they’ve been easy to fit in. Best of all, having invested in a set of weights, I’ve been able to do everything at home, so no need for a gym membership which is great. I’ve also been able to fit in my yoga and pilates classes, along with a very snowy run at the weekend.


Diet wise quite a lot has changed over the last week. Out with the syrup loaded coffees, in with the green tea. Out with the bread, pasta and rice and in with the quinoa and veggies and beans. Cutting down on processed food and making more meals from scratch. Not rocket science but it’s meant some quite big changes in my diet. I have to admit that while I’m missing a few things, my beloved Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos being one of them, I’ve found making these changes relatively easy. I’ve been listening to my Slimpod every night and I’ve no doubt that it’s also helped.

Julia’s been on hand all week, over e-mail and on Facebook and Twitter to answer any questions that I and the other group members have had. She’s also set us additional weekly challenges to help keep us motivated and to make sure that we get the very best out of the 12 weeks.

And it’s all having a positive impact. My first progress check was this morning (I’m not going to call it a weigh in – this isn’t a diet club) and I’d lost 1.5% of my body fat and 2.5lbs in weight. I also took my measurements at the start and I’ll take them again monthly to make sure I’m getting the whole picture. I’m delighted with the results from the first week and am looking forward to shedding some more fat this week. Bring on Week 2!

Young woman measuring her waist with a tape measure

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