Julia Buckley’s Fat Loss Fitness Programme – Week 2

This post is a bit late as we were away visiting family at the weekend, but better late than never! I am now well into my third week of Julia’s programme and very much enjoying it. I have now mastered all the exercises to the point where I don’t need to keep referring back to the instructions which means that I can now get on and challenge myself to see exactly what I’m capable of.

And apparently I’m capable of a reasonable amount! Last week I managed to do 3 full sets of squats while holding 10kg weights in each hand. Given that when those same weights arrived only a week before I had struggled to carry them across the car park I was quite impressed with that. I’ve even had to put in an order for some additional plates so I’ve got more weight to add!

I also discovered the joys of the mountain climber. Never heard of it before? Take a look….

Tough but boy they get your heart rate up!

Food wise I feel more into the swing of things and although I’ve not been following Julia’s guidelines 100% I’m definitely eating in a very different way to two weeks ago. I’m keeping Julia’s mantra of “mostly healthy most of the time” in my mind and making sure to plan my meals where I can. Being away from home presented more of a challenge but in the main I coped pretty well.

As I didn’t have my scales available on Monday I decided to measure myself instead and I’m pleased to report that in 2 weeks I have said goodbye to 1.5cm off my tummy, 1cm from my waist and 0.5cm from my arms. I’ll weigh and get my body fat % again this coming Monday and alternate weighing and measuring from now on so I’m getting the full picture of what’s happening to my body.

So on with week 3 and saying goodbye to some more fat!


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