Julia B’s fat loss fitness programme – halfway through

I know I say this every week but the time is flying – I’m halfway through Julia’s programme already! Last week was the second week of Phase II and as I predicted the workouts flowed more easily for me this week as I had a better idea of what I was doing.

As I was recovering from the Brighton Half Marathon I moved my week around a bit to make sure that my body had time to rest. Towards the back end of the week my knees, particularly my right knee started to complain a bit – I’ve iced and elevated and rested it as much as possible but it’s still quite sore so I’m off to my physio this afternoon so see what the matter is – nothing that a bit of rest won’t cure I hope.

Last week saw me working out with a barbell for the first time. I have added one to my growing home gym collection which now looks like this


I’ve now got 2 sets of dumbbells and a barbell which means that my workouts are becoming much quicker as I don’t have to stop to change plates between moves. This is going to be increasingly important for me as I go back to work in a couple of weeks time. You might think that all this kit would be really expensive but there’s some great deals to be had out there and all this lot have set me back less than a months membership at my local gym. And it’s mine to keep forever – it’s a great investment I think.

I also tried my first intermittent fast, having read a lot about the benefits of fasting on fat loss, insulin sensitivity and a number of other areas. There are lots of different options so having thought it through I decided that I’d try a 16 hour fast – I ate dinner by 7pm and then waited until 11am to have breakfast the next day. To be perfectly honest it was very straightforward and something that I can easily incorporate at least once a week. My stomach was growling by 11 o’clock but I certainly didn’t experience any light headedness or irritability that some people fasting for 24hrs report.

This morning was a measuring morning for me and I was delighted to find that I have continued to shrink. Another 2.5cm off from my tummy, 2cm from my waist and 0.5cm from my arms. That’s 6.5cm off my tummy and 5.5cm from my waist in just 6 weeks!!

I’m absolutely delighted with the results from the first half of this programme and am looking forward to finding out what the next 6 weeks will bring. Julia’s keeping us focussed on the here and now though – no point in setting a goal and dreaming about what achieving it will be like – better to concentrate on the process – eating well and giving it 100% in my workouts.

Bring on week 7!

4 thoughts

    1. Thanks Dawn – the only before shot I have of myself for this programme is of me in my underwear – so I’m waiting to see if I’m brave enough at the end of the 12 weeks to post that along with my after photos! I’m just doing a separate post about weight vs fat/muscle and will post the Brighton comparison in that as I think it makes quite a powerful point.

  1. I love the home gym you are building up – what places are you buying it from? I need to invest in some hand weights (mainly because my gym is too small/ crowded to use handweights in!) so I am currently looking around.

    Looking forward to seeing you in person soon so I can witness first hand your amazing results so far! Exciting for you!

    1. I’ve got everything from either Amazon or Argos. These were my first set of dumbbells http://www.argos.co.uk/static/Product/partNumber/9017362.htm Great value and versatile as you can have from 1kg in each hand up to 10kg in each. I have a smaller set of vinyl ones from Amazon from when I did the 30 day shred last year but the top weight was 2.5kg so I’ve outgrown those now!

      Would be great to see you soon. You’re looking great too from your Rome pics!

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