Julia Buckley’s Fat Loss Fitness Programme – Week 11 done – just one week left!

Last week was the second to last week of Julia’s programme – there’s just one week left now until I and my fellow participants ‘graduate’. That’s exciting and sad at the same time. Exciting in that I’ll have successfully completed the 12 weeks and got brilliant results but sad in that I’ve absolutely loved it and don’t really want it to end.

While I am keeping focussed on doing my workouts and keeping my diet as clean as possible, it’s only natural that my thoughts have started to turn to what will come next for me. I will definitely be doing more running – I’ve missed it and also have a small matter of the Edinburgh Half Marathon to train for. But I now know that in terms of fat loss Julia’s way of training is far more effective than running will ever be. So my post programme regime will continue to include resistance training and high intensity interval work to make sure that I continue to shed fat. Besides which I love this way of training so why would I stop now?

Last week was also the week that I tried my first 24 hour intermittent fast and if you want to know how I found it I wrote about it in a separate post. I intend to make IF part of my fat loss strategy from here on. I’m convinced of the benefits from both a fat loss and general health perspective and as I write this post I’m starting my 2nd 24hr fast – this time from mid afternoon (post late lunch).

I’ll post a summary of my results next week but it’s safe to say that I continue to be delighted with my progress. As a taster – here’s a picture that I took today while out shopping. It’s me in a size 10 dress. Yep – a size 10. It’s a little on the tight side and the size 12 would have been more comfortable but the fact is that it fits. I didn’t buy it as it was very expensive for what it was but the fact that it fitted has made my day.


It’s also made me wonder about just what kind of shape I could really get my body into by continuing to train this way. Julia posted some new photos this week that I found totally inspiring. I particularly love the push up and ‘gun’ shots and while Julia’s body shape is different to mine seeing these has definitely got me thinking.

But for now – on with week 12!

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