It’s real and it’s nearly here

There are now just two sleeps until I take on my biggest physical challenge to date. Yes – Tough Mudder London South is on Saturday. The course map has been published and we now know that we’re taking on 21 obstacles over 11.5 miles


It’s crept up on me really. I’ve been training for it – a combination of weight training, high intensity intervals, plyometric workouts and running with the odd Pilates and yoga class thrown in for good measure. But the weeks have just ticked by and suddenly it’s on Saturday.

I’ve got to admit to being really quite nervous about the whole thing. I’m actually less bothered about the physical aspects of it – I know there are some obstacles that I probably won’t be able to manage (monkey bars for example), I know it’s going to be tough and I’ll be exhausted. But I am in the best shape of my life – so physically I’m feeling pretty good. It’s the mental aspects that are concerning me more.


Am I going to be able to silence my inner voice which will be screaming at me not to jump off a 12 foot platform into the water below, and jump?


Will I find the belief to hurl myself up a half pipe at top speed, hoping that someone will be there to catch me and drag me to the top?

The truth is that I just don’t know. But I’m going to give it my best shot. I’ve made a promise to myself that I will give every obstacle a go. As long as I do that then I’ll finish with my head held high. And having read some horror stories (why did I feel the need to Google ‘Tough Mudder deaths’ and Tough Mudder injuries?) I’ll also be following the advice of my yoga teacher who said “just be careful”. Wise words I think.

So it’s really happening. On Saturday morning I will line up with the rest of my team and take on this beast.

Have I trained? Yes

Do I feel ready? Not quite

Do I think I would ever feel totally ready? Probably not

Am I going to dig in, enjoy it and have the time of my life? Absolutely!

Bring it on!


9 thoughts

  1. Good Luck Becca! They say mud is good for your skin….! Hope you have a totally fantastic day. Take care and you know you know you will be feeling so good on Sunday!

  2. Just remember to hold your nose as you jump into the water. Will be thinking of you and know you will do as you say and give every obstacle a try

  3. You could have asked the 4 questions at the end of your post about any race and still get the same answer. It’s good to be a little nervous and retain some respect for what your about to do. I am doing my first tri of the season on Sunday at Blenheim and I feel the same as you. Here’s hoping we both rock it!! Good luck.

    1. That’s very true Peter. This is just quite a large step outside my running comfort zone so feels a bit different. Hope your tri goes well – I’m sure we’re both going to rock it. Good luck too!

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