Why sporty types need yoga…

Fab post from one of my favourite yoga teachers on the benefits of yoga for runners & cyclists. If you’re in London come and check out her classes http://www.goodvibesfitness.co.uk/glow-yoga/classes/yoga-for-runners-and-cyclists-london/

Clare Dobson

Every month I teach a specific Yoga for Runners & Cyclists class at Glow Yoga in Fitzrovia. The class focuses on movements, postures, breathing exercises and visualisation skills that aim to target those with an active lifestyle, particularly those who run or cycle. As a qualified sports therapist and a keen cyclist I know all too well how important it is to balance any training with regular stretching and yoga and it’s for these reasons that I am so passionate in sharing the benefits and helping others to get the most out of their sports. In recent years the popularity of yoga has grown tremendously with athletes and sports people, and with good reason! Here I want to explain just some of the many reasons why sports people need yoga in their life. Yes, that’s right, NEED!:

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