Life’s too short for black leggings!

Back when I was overweight my wardrobe was full of black clothing. I felt safe wearing black, it hid a multitude of sins and I wasn’t going to draw attention to myself by wearing it. When I first started exercising this preference for black clothing transferred into my workout wardrobe. Black running tights, capris and tops. Yes, I might have been out running but I didn’t want to be seen. Black made me feel invisible and that was a good thing.

Since I’ve shed fat, dropped weight and gained confidence all that has changed. My wardrobe is full of colour, none more so than my workout wardrobe. In the last couple of months as the inches have fallen off me, I’ve had to replace a lot of my leggings as they have started falling down. Not a good look, regardless of the colour. I don’t usually post about fashion or training gear but I thought I’d share some of my current favourites.

First up the mermaid-esque Adrenaline Ombre Run Capris from Sweat Betty UK. These were my leggings of choice for the Edinburgh Half Marathon. The first item of clothing I’ve come across that comes with a ‘I’m a bit see through’ warning. And yes, they are but nothing that some decent running underwear can’t fix. I love these capris for their dip dyed sparkliness. They make me smile when I wear them, and that’s a good thing.


Next up, Sweaty Betty’s actual Mermaid leggings. What I love about these is the number of colours in them – purple, grey, blue, pink. They match with so many other things in my workout wardrobe – they’re really versatile. I was also very pleased to find that they co-ordinate with my Vibrams. I do love to be co-ordinated, even in my own home when there’s no-one around to see.


Next up are two pieces from Lululemon.Athletica, a brand I’ve only just discovered. The first is a pair of their Inspire Crop II and the second a pair of reversible Wunder Unders. Now I know that some women are not at all into the pink and purple thing. But having hidden away in black for so long I am not one of them. I love all things pink and purple – even my trainers are in on the act!



These pink lovelies were only purchased yesterday, and entirely justified by the fact that I was actually buying two pairs of leggings in one. They turn inside out to reveal a pair of black leggings with hot pink trim – perfect for days when I feel like wearing my pop of colour on top. Both the Inspire and Wunder Unders are super soft and comfortable and have a clever little pocket built into the waistband.

Finally and by no means least – the mother of all leggings – Hey Jo. I had been lusting after these leggings online for months, trying to justify the cost and promising myself that I could have a pair as a well done me for finishing Julia’s Fat Loss Fitness Course. Then I went along to the London Marathon Expo and as luck would have it they had a stand there – with a brilliant expo discount. These babies are now mine!

CaptureWhat I love about these is that not only are they made from beautiful soft material that is thick enough that I will never have to worry about them being see through but they are smart enough to wear as normal leggings. I can wear these to a yoga or Pilates class and then wear them straight on to wherever I am going afterwards. The zips at the bottom and on the pocket at the back add a touch of bling which I love. They are without a doubt an investment piece and an investment that I’m very glad that I made.

And shush, don’t tell anyone but I also have these in black. Because if you are going to have a pair of black leggings, then they may as well be the best pair of black leggings ever!

6 thoughts

  1. I love it! I tend to stick to black and grey leggings as well, mostly b/c I like my color on top, but you’ve thoroughly convinced me I should snap up a few pairs of fun leggings as well!

  2. If you like color and flair, you need to move over to skirts! I absolutely LOVE Sparkle Skirts, particularly their Sparkle Tech skirts. They are super comfy and come it great colors. And if you need pockets, I can carry 4 GUs in one pocket on the shorts. My Samsung Galaxy S3 cellphone fits in the waist pocket. Also I promise the shorts do not ride up. Send Leah an email if you have any questions. She’s the best!

  3. I am still in the black legging crew, but I love your coloured ones, especially the dip dyed ones. Maybe one day I will pluck up the courage to try something new but for now I feel safe in my black ones!!

    I’m also a little worried about any potential see throughness as I have been known to run commando from time to time – less chub rub/chaffing

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