Let’s talk about sweat

Heard the saying ‘women don’t sweat – they glow’? Well that’s rubbish. I workout 5 or 6 days a week and most of those workouts are pretty intense. I sweat a lot.

So when I was contacted by the people at Sure to see if I’d like to try out their new Maximum Protection Range, which claims to be twice as strong as the leading antiperspirant and give 48hr protection, I thought “why not”?

Sure_Women_Maximum_Protection_Everyday_Fresh_45ml_Open_8711700778107Aerosols make me sneeze so I usually use a roll on and pretty much always have. I once had a brief flirtation with those awful dry block products that caked your underarms in a layer of white paste. So when I first received the product I have to admit to being a bit sceptical as it looked suspiciously like one of those dry block contraptions.

However on closer inspection my fears were allayed. The TRIsolid formula gives the product a silky white consistency which goes on easily and smoothly. I was sent two different fragrances to try – everyday fresh and clean scent. Both have a pleasant smell but are quite strong when first applied.

The packaging suggests that you should apply the product before going to bed so that overnight it can form a barrier which then protects you from sweating for the whole of the next day. Even if you shower in the morning. This all seemed a bit odd to me but I went along with it and you know what? It works!

I’ve tried it on a number of occasions when I’ve been working out in the morning, showering and then going to work. I’ve still had dry and fresh smelling armpits in the afternoon. I’ve also tried applying it in the morning. Today I’ve run a 10K race and then gone to a hot and sweaty yoga class and my armpits are fresh as a daisy. Quite impressive.

The other advantage of applying it at night is that by the morning you can be confident of not leaving any white marks on your clothes when you put them on. The same can’t be said if you use it in the morning – you need to let it dry properly first.

The RRP of the product is £5.10 which is quite a lot more expensive than my current antiperspirant. But you only need to apply a tiny amount of the product and I think it will last for an awful lot longer than my current one does. So I’m sold.

Thanks Sure for letting me try it out!

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