Extreme Inferno – Week 1

I’ve just completed the first week of Julia Buckley’s Extreme Inferno programme. And what a week it’s been! I now understand why Julia advised us to rest well in the fortnight leading up to the programme. I don’t think there’s a muscle in my body that hasn’t ached at some point this week.

Julia has made the workouts challenging in quite a different way to her original programme. There’s still a mix of high intensity interval training, weights and plyometrics but there’s an added element of instability and far more whole body moves which have taken the difficulty level up a notch.

I’ve got to say that I’ve loved it so far. My body was ready for a new challenge and that’s exactly what it’s got. Pleasingly I’ve already noticed an improvement in my pull ups – needing less help from the chair and being able to do a couple of negatives. I’m excited to see how much more progress I can make in week 2. 

Julia’s brought back the weekly challenges too – an element of her first programme that I really enjoyed. This week’s challenge is all about focussing on ourselves and the progress we are making. Not comparing ourselves to others or being distracted, envious or frustrated by what other people are achieving. Just focussing on taking action to move towards our own goals and appreciating how far we’ve already come. 

Wise words from Julia which reminded me of some wise words from Dr Seuss.




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