Workplay Bags Goddess III review and competition

Hi there. I’m Becca’s Goddess III bag,  bought from Workplay Bags.


Becca’s a bit tired today – she’s recovering from a muddy obstacle race that she did this weekend – she’ll tell you all about it soon. So while she’s resting she’s asked me to tell you a bit about myself and why I’ve become her ‘go-to’ gym and travel bag.

Becca already has one of my older sisters – The Goddess II in her collection. My sister has had a lot of use over the last year or so but hasn’t been quite the same since Becca took her along to Tough Mudder and got her covered in mud! So when Becca found out that I’d come along, she jumped at the chance to get a shiny new Goddess bag and soon relegated my sister to the ‘muddy race’ bag pile. I think Becca took her along for the race yesterday – I’m quite glad that I was kept safe and clean in the cupboard!

There are several things about me that are different, some would say better, when compared to my older sister. I come in a range of different colours for a start. Becca chose me in berry/black but I also come in pink/black and purple. The material that I’m made from is different to my sister. My material has a lovely sheen to it which makes me look a bit more glamorous, if I do say so myself. Becca thinks that I look smarter than my sister and has already taken me away on quite a few overnight trips with work.

The man at Workplay Bags who designed me kept all the best bits from my older sister but added in some great new features too. So I’ve still got the same basic design – one large compartment with two side compartments, and that’s one of the reasons that Becca loves me so much – I help her to stay organised.

My main compartment is very roomy – enough space for clothes for a weekend away or for gym kit and a large towel. Becca’s managed to fit a full sized laptop in here too when she’s been travelling with work.

I’m big enough for a full sized laptop

There are elasticated compartments all around the inside – a place to put things which Becca wants to keep separate. Becca finds the ones at the front especially helpful as she can get access to them easily – I usually find her phone, charger and house keys in these pockets. One of my side compartments is for shoes and has a special shoe bag. I’ve carried trainers, pumps and heels over the last few weeks. I think Becca’s even managed to squeeze in two pairs in at once!

That’s two pairs of sandals Becca’s squeezed into my shoe compartment!

The other side compartment is for my wash bag. I’ve heard Becca telling people that this is one of her favourite things about me. My wash bag is a bit like a Tardis. It can fit an awful lot in quite a small space. It’s got room for full sized bottles and has a little mirror inside as well.

My wash bag – two compartments with loads of space

It’s also got a hook at the top so that it can be hung up to use. It’s really quite ingenious. I’ve noticed that it’s gone missing a few times since I’ve been living at Becca’s house – I think this means that Becca must have taken it out to use it separately when she’s not been using the rest of me. It’s a bit strange to have part of me missing but at least I know a piece of me is being useful somewhere!

Inside my main compartment is one of my new features. There’s a small zip pocket for jewellery that’s got a really soft lining to protect whatever’s put inside – you can see it at the top of the next picture. Becca likes this a lot and thinks it’s a great addition – no more searching around for jewellery in the main compartment of the bag.


I’ve also got an ingenious wet compartment. Becca hasn’t used this yet as she’s not a big swimmer but I know she thinks it’s a very clever design feature. Accessed from my back there’s a large pocket where wet clothes or towels can be stored away from anything else that’s in the main compartment – keeping wet things and dry things separate. How clever is that?!

I could go on and on about all my clever features – I haven’t told you about the large zip pocket on my top where Becca has kept documents, or the slide in pocket on my front which Becca uses for her Oyster card. Or the fact that I’ve got space for a water bottle, a laundry bag for dirty clothes and a clip for keys or a pass so that they can be easily accessed. But I don’t want to sound like I’m blowing my own trumpet, so I’ll tell you just one more thing about me before I finish.

I’m specially designed to fit a women’s body so that even when Becca has packed me full, travelling light doesn’t appear to be one of her strengths, I’m still comfortable for her to carry. I’ve got two wide shoulder straps that attach together with Velcro and padding so that I don’t dig in. They then detach easily so that my main compartment can be completely unzipped for very easy access.

Here’s me in a hotel room in Edinburgh

I think it’s safe to say that Becca likes me a lot. In the past couple of months she’s taken me away on work trips all around the country and on a couple of weekends away. I’m getting quite excited as Becca is off to New Zealand in just over a month and I think she might be planning on taking me with her. I’m the perfect size for cabin baggage so fingers crossed!

And here’s the best part – the lovely people at Workplay Bags want to give one of you, Becca’s readers a Goddess III of your own, in a colour of your choice. I’m worth £84.99 so it’s a great prize!
To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is send an e-mail to with the title ‘Goddess III giveaway’ and say “I’ve read Becca’s review and I’d love to win a Goddess III of my own”. The winner will be picked at random on Monday 4th November. Workplay ship anywhere worldwide so the competition is open to everyone!

Good luck!

Update – this competition is now closed – the lucky winner was Georgina S. To be in with another chance of winning a Goddess III or an award winning Fleetfoot II from Workplay check out the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar on 10th December….

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