Extreme Inferno weeks 4-6

Where has the time gone? The last time I posted an update on Extreme Inferno I’d just completed week 3 and here I am a few days into week 7.

To be more precise I’m sitting in a lounge at Heathrow waiting for a flight to Auckland via Hong Kong. We’re off on a much awaited and much needed holiday, a special one to celebrate both of our 40th birthdays.

When I started EI I set myself a couple of goals to achieve by the time we went away. One was to fit into a pair of shorts that were far too tight at the start of the programme. The other was to feel confident enough to wear a bikini while we’re away. I’m happy to report that the shorts now fit and are packed in my suitcase. I haven’t achieved the second goal yet, but I fully intend to – weather permitting!

I’m loving Extreme Inferno, it’s challenging me in all sorts of new ways and I’m a long way off perfecting some of moves. But I like that, I like something to aim for. And as with Julia’s first programme it’s easy to see progress on a week by week basis. Sometimes being able to do a move for the first time, sometimes progressing to a more advanced version, sometimes lifting heavier weights.

My scales and tape measure tell me that right now I am the lightest and smallest that I’ve been in my adult life. Previously on holidays I have over indulged, forgotten about exercise and come back many pounds heavier than I left. Not this time.

I have checked out the gym facilities in all the places we’re staying. I’ve packed almost as much fitness gear as I have normal clothes. I intend to keep up my workout regime while we’re away. It’s part of my life now, it would feel odd just to stop for 3 weeks. My intention is to come back in better shape that I’m leaving, at the very least having done no harm while we’re away.

I’ll report back. But for now I have a flight to catch!

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