The Zero Calorie Advent Calendar 2013

Those of you who’ve been following my blog for a while may remember the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar from last year. I got together with two other fitness bloggers – Diary of a Dashing Fashionista and PT Mollie and put together an online advent calendar – an alternative way to count down to Christmas without gorging on chocolate or throwing fitness regimes out of the window.

This year we’re bringing it back. With more time to plan it’s going to be bigger and better. Each day there will be a healthy recipe, a video workout and an offer from a health and fitness related business.

Our message is all about balance. Go ahead and enjoy the festive season and all that it brings, but don’t just use it as an excuse to eat lots of unhealthy food and forget about your fitness goals. I’m sure many of you have experienced starting the New Year feeling sluggish and out of shape after a December of over indulgence. It doesn’t have to be that way and the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar can help you stay on track!

Last week we held a fabulous, if we do say so ourselves, launch party at lululemon athletica in Covent Garden. We invited along some of our favourite fitness bloggers and PTs and had an evening of fitness, fun and fizz. As I said, it’s all about balance!


The evening started with a run led by the lovely people from GoodGym – a group of runners who combine regular exercise with helping their local communities. They led our group of bloggers on a short run to a nearby project where they were put to work ripping out radiators amongst other things. They then had a race on the way back – it sounded like a lot of fun and I was kind of disappointed not to have gone out with them.


But I was back at the showroom with Dash who was making everything look fabulous while I made sure that the Prosecco was ready for the runners’ return. Once they were back things really got underway and after a brief talk from the three of us ‘calendar girls’ we introduced some of the brands that we’re working with and then handed over to Nicola who runs our chosen charity for this year – A Mile in Her Shoes.

Nicola told us all about what the charity does – helping homeless women find their feet through running. Many of the people attending the launch had brought along donations of fitness clothes and trainers for the charity which will use these to kit out the women it’s working with or sell on ebay to raise much needed funds.


Then it was onto the serious business of the night, networking, chatting and general merriment while the fizz flowed. At the end of the evening we sent everyone home with a goody bag packed with gifts from some fab companies who are working with us this year.


It was a really fun night and I’m now looking forward to what’s in store in December even more. To join in the fun follow us on Twitter @ZeroCalAdvent and like us on Facebook


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