Working out on the other side of the world

I’m currently on a cruise ship in the middle of the Tasman Sea making a slightly rocky crossing from New Zealand to Australia. Tomorrow we arrive into Hobart, Tasmania for the next stage of our holiday. We’ve been away from home for getting on for two weeks now and have been having an amazing time. It’s the first time that we’ve been on a cruise and so far we like it. The ship is pretty much incredible and there’s loads to do, we’ve barely scratched the surface of everything that’s on offer to be honest but we’ve never been bored.

Importantly to me the ship has a brilliant gym. A huge area at the front of the ship on one of the upper decks with amazing views. There’s lots of cardio machines – treadmills, bikes, rowing machines and cross trainers. There’s also pretty much every type of resistance machine that you could wish for.


However the area which I’m most happy about is the selection of free weights, benches and the space available to set down a mat and do your own workout.


There’s also a studio space where various classes are on offer. Daily stretching in the morning and evening, spin classes, yoga and Pilates. But when classes aren’t on that area is also available to use for your own workout.


There’s over 3000 people on this ship and while on days the gym has been quite busy it’s never been crowded. I’ve always been able to get the equipment I need and plenty of space to workout in.

Before we came away I wondered if I’d manage to keep up my fitness schedule but being on a cruise ship has made this pretty much straight forward. I’ve been having a lot of fun working out on the other side of the world and also appreciate the opportunity for a post workout selfie with a stunning background!


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  1. That’s great you’ve been able to carry on with your fitness on holiday, I try to pack my trainers and run as much as I can whilst I go away.

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