Yurbuds Inspire for Women

As we sit in Sydney airport waiting for our flight to Hong Kong and the start of our journey home, my mind is turning to my marathon training that will start in earnest once we’re back in the UK. With reports of cold weather at home and the promise of more to come, I’ve got to admit that the prospect of running in the freezing cold and dark isn’t particularly appealing right now.

When I trained for the London Marathon in 2012 music played a really important role on my long runs and this will absolutely be the case again this time. I find that the right song at the right time can give me a boost almost as good as taking a gel!

One thing I’ve struggled to find is a really good pair of running earphones. I want a pair of earphones that fit comfortably, don’t move around or fall out and importantly let me hear what’s going on around me as well as my music. I run on busy London roads and need my ears as well as my eyes to keep me safe.

I’ve tried several different pairs of earphones of different designs. Some that fit around the ear, others that fit right inside the ear but nothing has ever really done the job for me. Until now.


I’d heard a lot of good things from other runners about yurbuds so I was really pleased when they offered to send me a pair of their Inspire for Women Sport Earphones. Available in 6 different colours so you can coordinate with your running gear (important to me!) I went for a pair in pink to try out.


The Inspire range is designed to fit into smaller ears , to stay put and to be comfortable. They are ergonomically designed to avoid nerve rich areas of the ear. Made with flexible silicone, yurbuds are ultra soft and claim to be comfortable for hours on end. They twist into place which took me a bit of getting used to but once they are in properly you can barely feel that they’re there – which is exactly what I want!

I’ve worn them on a few long runs now, including the Great South Run and am pleased to report that they live up to their claims. They are very comfortable, in fact I forget they were there. I didn’t have to adjust them at all so they stay in place very well. And I could also hear ambient noise as well as my music which was great as I was able to hear the crowds and people cheering me on as well as listen to my music.

At £24.99 these aren’t going to break the bank so I can see myself investing in some other colours to complement my training kit and get me through those long, cold marathon training runs.

Thanks to yurbuds for sending me the product to review – I love them!

9 thoughts

  1. Good review – they look comfortable – I have a pair that sit around the back of the head on a flexible frame so I wondered about those you have reviewed. Do they feel like they can fall out?How easy are they to get in and out on the run?
    Safe trip home to you both and enjoy the shopping at HK – alway a delight for jaded eyes. Great bag shop, grumpy gadget sales people and I wish the food places were not so far from the gates! The airport is a Great british engineering feat we left in HK – shame we cannot be so dynamic and build one in the UK so quickly!

    1. Guy,

      They really don’t feel like they could fall out at all. With others I’ve used I’ve had to keep pushing them into place but with these once they’re in I pretty much forgot about them. I haven’t tried taking them in and out on the run – I didn’t really have the need but I don’t think it would be a problem at all. There’s a knack to getting them in place but once you’ve figured it out it’s straightforward.

  2. I have a pair of the Ironman ones, but they only came with one earpiece (discount version from Best Buy). I love them. Most earbuds really hurt my ears but these don’t.

    @Guy Mathiot – I have found they are very easy to operate and don’t fall out, amazingly. I take them out when I’m rounding a corner just to make sure I can hear cars, and they never give me trouble going out or in.

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