Extreme Inferno – the results are in

I’m back from holiday and Extreme Inferno official finishes today. I’m delighted that I managed to maintain my schedule while I was away and while my eating wasn’t perfect I reached my goal of continuing my fat loss progress while away.

I haven’t yet done my end of programme weights and measures but yesterday I took my ‘after’ photos. They tell me everything I need to know. This set of photos are taken just 10 weeks apart and I’m feeling really quite proud of the changes in my body in a relatively short space of time.

EI B&A frontEI B&A sideEI B&A back

There’s just two weeks now until my 40th birthday and I’m feeling great knowing that I’m approaching it in the best shape of my life. Working with Julia this year has been absolutely fantastic, hard work don’t get me wrong, but it’s been worth every drop of sweat for the results I’ve achieved.

But it doesn’t stop here. My body fat % is still above where I’d like it to be. There’s still work to do and the small matter of a marathon to train for! Julia’s book The Fat Burn Revolution: Boost your metabolism and burn fat fast
is published in January and she’ll be taking on a new group of clients to coach them through the programme. I’m going to be part of that group, offering advice and support to people just starting out and also continuing my own fat loss and fitness journey. To find out more visit Julia’s website.

12 thoughts

  1. Wow – what a difference! I’m hoping to take the plunge and be part of that group in January – it’s my 40th birthday in July and I’d like to get in shape by then. What an inspiration you are – thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow Becca – those photos are incredible. As someone who has been blogging and tweeting with you for nearly two years, your journey has been incredible. I am super-impressed with what you have achieved. I have a race planned in July next year and I want to do it at a proper racing weight – so I am going “Clean and lean” in January. In a funny way, I can’t wait.

  3. You look amazing! I’ve ordered the book, can’t wait to get started in January! Can I be nosy and ask what scales you have please? I would like some that measure body fat but not sure which ones are any good, seen lots of mixed reviews!

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