Run with an Idea # 7 – Why I won’t be running on Christmas Day

It’s the return of Run with an Idea, just in time for Christmas. The title of this week’s post could have gone one of two ways. If you head on over to the link up you’ll see a mix of posts from other runners and their thoughts on whether or not they’ll be running this Christmas Day.

I won’t. There’s a few reasons for this.

I’m tired! This last week in the run up to Christmas has been hectic. I’ve been working and keeping up with my workout schedule. A spin class, Reformer Pilates session, yoga, PowerPlates and a 6 mile run in the last 5 days mean that my legs are currently full of aches and a rest day or two is required.

I’ve also had a very very busy December generally. I’ve been working on the Zero Calorie Advent Calendar and it’s been a LOT of fun. But it’s also been very hectic. Between writing blog posts, organising events and taking deliveries of treats for our many goody bags I feel like I’ve not really had a lot of downtime. With the last day of the calendar now live it’s time to take a well earned breather.

I have also just started training for the London Marathon which will see me out pounding the streets several times a week for the next 16 weeks. It’s also going to mean abandoning my husband for hours on end as the runs get progressively longer towards the big day on April 13th.

There’s going to be plenty of running for me over the next few months. Tomorrow is a day to be spent with my husband, without the distraction of blogging or organising anything other than Christmas dinner and which order to open our presents.

Don’t get me wrong, I completely see the attraction of running on Christmas Day and why plenty of other people will be out there getting their fix on Christmas morning. I’ll probably even feel that tinge of jealousy that I feel when I see others runners running when I’m not (what is that about by the way?).

But for me this year Christmas Day will be a day of rest.

I hope you have a fantastic day where-ever you are, whether you run or not.


2 thoughts

  1. I’m with you Becca – there are 364 other days in the years to be a runner. Christmas Day is a day of celebration and I spend it with my family. Congratulations again on all you have achieved in 2013. Have a great Christmas and here’s to an exciting 2014. And that runners jealously thing……I am very jealous that you are running the London Marathon. I would love to do it again.

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