Time to take control

A bit ‘meh’. That’s how I’m feeling right now. I don’t usually write posts like these but today as I’m sitting here feeling a bit under the weather and if I’m honest a bit hung-over I’m hoping that writing this all down might help me feel better.

It’s three weeks now since the London Marathon. Not long in the great scheme of things but it also feels like a lifetime ago. My hip is on the mend, but it’s still sore and its limiting the activity that I can do which is frustrating. I’m waiting for an ultrasound appointment, if I have bursitis then I’ll probably need a cortisone injection – the doctor won’t give me that without the results of the ultrasound. Fair enough. But I saw the doctor over a week ago and am still waiting to hear from the hospital. I phoned them this week to try and make an appointment but was told that I need to wait to receive a letter. I’m not going to moan about the NHS, it’s a brilliant thing and my injury could hardly be classified as requiring urgent attention. But the wait is frustrating. I just want to be fixed.

I was all ready to leap back into fat loss training again and this is holding me up. Sure there’s things that I can be doing. I have plenty of options for upper body workouts and it’s a great opportunity to work on my pull ups. But I am really missing the high intensity training which I know will really help me start to torch the fat again. And with my legs out of action, I’ve got limited options.

Of course while my training is not as intense as I’d like it to be, the sensible thing to do to aid fat loss would be to be really careful with my diet. I started the week really well – I did a couple of 16 hour fasts and really cleaned up my diet. Lots of protein and vegetables. All good. But things have taken a turn for the worse over this long weekend. Too much wine and some very questionable food choices. It’s almost like I’ve decided that if I can’t train ‘properly’ then there’s no point in eating properly either. But that’s just nonsense and I know it.

I’ve also been feeling like I’m fighting off some kind of bug. Yesterday I was tired and achey and today I still don’t feel right despite having slept for ages. Part of that is probably due to the wine that was consumed yesterday. But I know how a hangover feels, and this is a bit different to that.

Woe is me!


I read somewhere that it can take the body a day to recover from every mile that you run during a marathon. I’m still only at day 22 post London, so it’s totally possible that my body is still in recovery mode. Maybe it was too soon to jump back into training and fasting at the start of last week? One thing’s for sure, wine, burger, chips and ice cream certainly won’t have helped this weekend.

Enough’s enough.

Last week has gone, I can’t change that now. But I can do something about the weeks ahead. It’s time to stop feeling sorry for myself, re-focus on my goals and take responsibility for what I put in my mouth. This afternoon I’m going to write out my goals for the next few months and my training plan for the next week. I’m going to have some acupuncture on Thursday which will hopefully help my hip to recover a bit more quickly. If I don’t hear from the hospital in the next few days I may seek out a private alternative for the ultrasound. As long as its not extortionate it will be worth paying for to help move things along.

It’s time to take control. My decisions, my results.


3 thoughts

  1. Wine, burger, chips and ice cream…..you say that likes its a bad thing. It’s the recovery food of someone who has just done a great thing. Enjoy a treat that is well deserved and stop beating yourself up. In the big scheme of things a few weeks and a few calories won’t hurt. The day after my last big race I had a fry up followed by two chocolate doughnuts.

  2. Cheers Peter. I know it won’t hurt too much but the ‘recovery eating’ has been going on for a while now so I need to start getting it back in check, especially as I’m not able to train properly at the moment. And after your fry up and two doughnuts comment, I’m just imagining what a post Ironman recovery might entail 😉

  3. Sounds like you’ve got the post marathon blues, but it also sounds like you’re starting to come out of it on the other side 🙂 Waiting is always frustrating, not being able to work out the way you want to is frustrating but I think your wait is going to be over very soon (I’m channeling the power of positive thinking here :).

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