Playing away with the Asics Gel-Hyperspeed 5

I am quite a loyal consumer. If I find a product or a brand that I like that works for me I tend to come back time and time again. I’ve been using the same brand of make up since my 20s and the same mascara product for over 5 years. If I find something that I like a lot and is value for money then why look elsewhere?

I am no different when it comes to running shoes. For the last 2 years I have been running in Saucony Kinvaras and have built up quite a collection. This shoe is light and minimalist yet cushioned. It’s the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever run in. When you look at the number I’ve got you’d think I was out running every day, which is far from the truth. But as well as the trusty purple pair that saw me through my marathon training and race day itself I have a pair that are waterproof, a pair for offroad/trail running and a pair of limited edition red and gold ones that make me feel like a superhero when I wear them. Every runner should have a pair of trainers like that!


However big my love for the Kinvara is, and it’s pretty big, these shoes are not so good for the other types of training that I do. When I’m lifting weights I want to be as close to the floor as possible and when I’m doing HIIT circuits I prefer something with a bit less room in the toe area, something that makes me feet feel a bit more secure.

So when the people at Millets Sports got in touch and asked if I’ve like to try something from their website I wondered whether this would be an opportunity for me to try out a different type of shoe. At first I wasn’t sure what kind of range Millets stocked – the last time I’d been into one of their stores was years ago and it brought back memories of camping and Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards. But things have moved on quite a way since then and it turns out that Millets Sports has a pretty decent range of sports footwear, clothing and equipment.

Browsing the site I came across these beauties and knew I’d found the ones to try.


I’ve heard a lot of good things about Asics trainers but have never tried a pair as I’d always stuck with my trust Kinvaras. I’d like to say that my choice was made entirely on the description of the shoe and its features, but I’d be lying. I love the colours and had been looking for some turquoise trainers for a while – and here they were!


I’ve had a chance to try them out for a range of activities. First of all they are great as a pair for general walking around. I put them to the test during the recent tube strikes and they were really comfortable. I’ve also tried them for HIIT training and they are perfect. Light yet cushioned and they fit close to my feet.

CAM00494When I’m jumping around doing plymetric moves or fast paced HIIT exercises I want my shoes to be providing some cushioning from the impact but also to make my feet feel secure. These do both of those things.

I hadn’t really intended to use them for running but since they fitted so perfectly with the colour scheme for ‘We Own The Night’ last weekend it seemed a shame not to give them a run out. So they got to come with my on my first 10K run since the marathon.


Bit of a mistake as it turns out. They were great over the first 5K but then after that I started to develop a bit of pain on the underside of my left foot. I started to wish that I’d just stuck with my tried and tested Kinvaras. These shoes are a bit narrower than the Kinvaras and I don’t think they’re going to be my shoe of choice for running. That said I’ll give them a go for a sprint session and I think perhaps in the next size up they might give me the extra room I want for long distance running. But then they’d be no good for HIIT training so it’s a balance.

Overall I’m impressed with these shoes – I love the fact that they are really light and fit close to my foot and provide some protection from the impact of me jumping around. They’re not so minimalist that all the support and cushioning has gone. They’re perfect for the HIIT and plyometric sessions that I do. And yes, I love the colours!

But for long distance running I’ll be staying loyal to my old friends the Kinvara!

Disclosure – I was sent the Asics for free to review but all opinions are my own

3 thoughts

  1. I just bought my first pair of kinvaras AND love them! Super light weight and they make me feel fast! I wear asics gt 2000s for long runs and cross training – I like them too. 🙂

  2. I am an ASICS convert……helped by the fact that last time I bought a pair online, they accidentally sent me two pairs!! Good review.

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