Project Barbados

Six weeks today I’ll be boarding a plane to Barbados. Friends of mine are getting married out there and we’ve been lucky enough to be invited to join them. We’ve never been to the Caribbean so I am very excited. Looks beautiful, right?


In the first six months of this year I’ve not really made much progress on my fat loss. What with marathon training and recovery things have been a bit stagnant on the fat loss front. So for the second six months of this year I’ve set myself a goal of getting to my overall fat loss target. I would like to get to around 25% body fat by the end of 2014. I’m not totally sure of my body fat % right now as I don’t completely trust my scales but it’s definitely on the wrong side of 30%.

Six months is quite a long time frame for a goal and I like to break things down into smaller, more manageable chunks. Six weeks is enough time to make a difference and  what better initial focus than a holiday where I’m likely to be spending a fair amount of time on the beach or by a pool?

So for the next six weeks I’m going to be fully focussed on fat loss again and bringing out all the tools that I have at my disposal to help me.

1) Cleaning up my diet and logging my food – keeping track of what I eat helps me to stay accountable and reflect on what I’m putting into my body

2) Limiting my alcohol intake – I’ve set myself a goal of 5 alcohol free days a week. Total abstinence isn’t a realistic goal for me, I really enjoy a glass or two of wine. But since alcohol and fat loss aren’t great friends it’s sensible to limit it

3) Training for fat loss – using a mixture of High Intensity Interval Training and weight training from Julia Buckley’s Fat Burn Revolution and Inferno programmes to rev up my metabolism and burn the gloop – it’s worked for me before and I have every faith that it will work again

4) Getting back to Pilates – my core has missed my classes at Tempo Pilates and I can’t wait to get back now that my hip feels pretty much recovered

5) Intermittent Fasting – I haven’t done this for a while and I know that it can help with fat loss. I’m yet to decide whether to do a 24hr fast every week or perhaps a more regular 16 hour fast – either way there’s lots of evidence to support IF as a way of speeding up fat loss

6) Supplements – I’ll be trying out some supplements that have been shown to aid fat loss. More about that in another post

7) Keeping a journal – I find that keeping a log of my training, what I’ve eaten and noting down how I’m feeling really helps to keep me focussed. I’ll be weighing and measuring each week so that I can keep track of my progress

8) Accountability – and to help keep me focussed I’m going to write an update blog post each week to summarise how my week has gone and share my progress with you.

Let Project Barbados Week One commence!


7 thoughts

  1. I’m struggling with fat loss too ( I’ve got down from 38 to 34%) so I’ll be interested to see what works for you. The time I did manage some wt loss was when I did dry January and went vegan ( low fat by default!) but my running suffered around the same time, don’t know if it was weight loss or life, we had a lot going on. So good luck! I’m concentrating on running for now but might try for weight loss over winter when I get out less. Enjoy Barbados! We went to the carribean pre parenthood and it was wonderful!

    1. For me, it was when I swapped from running to doing HIIT and weight training that the fat loss started. Lots of running on it’s own isn’t great for fat loss in my experience. That and cleaning up my diet are the things that really helped. I am very excited about Barbados – everything I hear tells me I’m going to love it!

  2. Those are realistic and obtainable goals. I like the idea of keeping a food journal. I find it really helps track to see if I’m getting the foods I need to reach my goals.

    1. It’s a really good thing to do – it’s so easy to shove things in your mouth without thinking but when you log what you eat you can spot patterns and quite often reasons for feeling tired/sluggish etc.

  3. Good luck Becca. Barbados is beautiful and the local people are so nice. You won’t want to come home. Good luck with Project Barbados!!

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