Project Barbados – Week Two is through!


It’s now just four weeks until we board our flight to Barbados and I’m starting to get quite excited. The second week of my fat loss project is complete and I’m pleased to say that I’m starting to notice the difference. Last Monday my scales reported that my body fat percentage had fallen and my muscle mass had increased. Only by a small amount, it’s going to take longer than a week to see significant changes but it’s always pleasing to see things moving in the right direction.

10390085_10152047657241012_4456523459167255056_nWeek Two saw more bodyweight training including pull ups, which are coming along nicely. Having finally found the right resistance band for my weight I’ve worked my way up to doing 4 sets of 5 pull ups during each session.

London has been bathed in sunshine for most of last week and I got outside to run an interval session for the first time in ages. It felt fantastic to be back running and lovely to be outside in the sun, a far cry from the cold and dark mornings of marathon training!

I continued the HIIT theme on another morning with Julia’s ‘Push It’ video. Julia posted this online last year – it’s a fantastic sweaty workout and I really enjoy working out in real time with Julia. I’ve done this a few times now and I always marvel at how Julia manages to give the instructions while doing the workout as well. By a few minutes in I am struggling to breath and she is talking and working out too. Mind you towards the end it’s clear that even super fit Julia is struggling – it makes you realise what a tough session it really is!

My week was topped and tailed exercise wise with two Reformer Pilates classes at Tempo Pilates.

untitledThe session at Tempo on Saturday morning was particularly tough. I’d forgotten that it was an intermediate/advanced class and Michael the trainer certainly put us through our paces. As I type this I have aches all over my body that tell me I worked a lot of muscles pretty hard. I think most of it was caused by this lovely move called ‘star’ –  I’m sure I looked just as graceful when I was doing it – my obliques know all about it today!

It was another successful week on the alcohol front – I stuck to five alcohol free days and enjoyed a drink or two on the others. My diet has also been pretty good. Stopping to check whether I am really hungry, or having some water before I reach for a snack has helped to cut down the unnecessary extras.

With just four weeks to go I’m going to up the ante next week and mix in a couple of 16 hour fasts. They’ve worked for me well before and it should help to give my fat loss a bit more of a boost.

Two weeks down and four more to go. Bring on Week Three!

One thought

  1. Good work Becca!
    Do you find that Pilates is supporting your weight training / fat loss goals? There is a reformer pilates studio round the corner from work which might be achievable when things calm down a bit!

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